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There was nothing left behind them; there was no Mother waiting for her boy to find her. It wasn’t for lack of hoping that he could hear nothing move. And now the leaden air was sneaking in over the step, greying the space the door had kept.

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Local companies that work across chemistry, life sciences and material sciences came to Bangor University recently to attend the first training event of the Wales Ireland Network for Scientific Skills held for local SMEs. An international Conference brought top researchers in computer graphics to Wales for the first time recently as the Eurographics conference took place in Llandudno in April. Organised by staff from the School of Computer Science at Bangor University, the delegates visited the University’s Pritchard Jones Hall for a Gala Dinner on the final evening.

Former PhDs talk about careers outside academia

The University is also looking forward to contributing to the carnival atmosphere as the city welcome the torch along its route to the Olympics. As part of the festivities, the University and Students’ Union are planning several events and entertainment in the city centre and at key points along the Torch route. Bangor University has appointed Mr Wyn Thomas to the post of Pro Vice Chancellor with responsibility for Welsh Medium and Civic Engagement. Originally from Aberystwyth, Mr Wyn Thomas graduated from Bangor University, and has worked at the University’s School of Music since 1979. His main role in the new post will be to develop and lead the University’s strategies for furthering the Welsh language, bilingualism, and Welsh medium study, as well as to develop the University’s relationship with external organisations and the community.

Deciphering the connection between language and meaning

Academics at Bangor University are working with colleagues from Bangladesh and Ghana to increase and improve the teaching of conservation science in these two biodiversity rich countries. The British Council has funded a capacity building project which allows exchanges between students, researchers and staff from Universities in Bangladesh, Ghana and Bangor. As part of its tenth anniversary celebrations, Bangor Law School will hold a Law Fair on Wednesday 19 th November 2014, from 9.45am to 3.30pm. The aim of the Law Fair is to bring together employers and Bangor law students in an environment which will create mutually beneficial results.

Jamie Woodruff, 21, from Rishton, Lancashire a second year student at the School of Computer Science performed a live hack on stage at the ‘ Legislating for LulzSec ’ event – a discussion on privacy, data & policy for the digital economy. A group of student volunteers have recently been putting the finishing touches to a new community project aimed at bringing sports analysis technology to local grass roots sports clubs in Bangor and the surrounding area. Bangor University has secured 10 Commonwealth Scholarship Commission scholarships to award to exceptional international scholars to study MSc Tropical Forestry (distance-learning) starting in September 2020. The transition from childhood to adulthood is marked by humans in a wide variety of ways across the world. Many of these “coming of age” celebrations are held at puberty. For instance, the filing of front teeth in Bali is said to ease the “sad ripu” or six evils of lust, greed, wrath, pride, jealousy and intoxication. In contrast, the Jewish bar mitzvah marks the point at which children are deemed to be responsible for their own actions.

The series aims to help a handful of young people discover their calling. Professor Tim Woodman will compose a psychological profile of the individuals in order to assess their psychological strength. Historian Eilir Ann Daniels in Aberystwyth will shed new light on the family history of the individuals. By marrying their psychological makeup with their family history, they will then suggest ideal areas of work for that individual. Scientists at Bangor University are working with Welsh Water and United Utilities to monitor the background levels of coronavirus within different areas. Liz Morris-Webb, a researcher at Bangor University’s School of Ocean Sciences is looking for people who gather from the seashores of Wales to take part in her research. If you forage for food, bait, money, education, medicine, research or something more unusual, you can take part.